Elero s.r.o. 
are world-wide suppliers of top quality components, and consumables to the Electrical Discharge Machining industry.

Electrical Discharge Machining (or EDM), is an engineering process by which a desired shape or cavity is obtained using rapid electrical discharges (sparks), between the electrode and the ‘workpiece’ to remove the unwanted material. We cover all aspects in this field of engineering and, according to the type of electrodes used, they including wire cutters, sinkers, hole drilling and special-purpose electrical discharge equipment.

The name for Electrical Discharge Machining equipment

ELERO supplies:

  1. Cutting wires
  2. Filters for EDM and water treatment system
  3. Materials for electrode production
  4. Tube electrodes and threaded/tapping electrodes
  5. Deionization, chemicals, lubricants and water demineralization
  6. Dielectrics
  7. Equipment for EDM hole drillers
  8. Auxiliary accessories, clamps and equipment GIN
  9. Clamping systems - Erowa original, Erow.a compatible, 3-R compatible
  10. EDM device for removing taps and tools
  11. Flexible plastic article hoses
  12. Spare parts for electrical discharge machines
Erowa is registered trademark and brand name of company Erowa.
System 3R is registered trademark and brand name of company System 3R.